Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally, a new post

Yes, I know it's been quite a while since I've posted, but I've been busy. The end of the semester is always a busy time. Professors always seem to assign the large projects towards the end of the year. They probably think it's fun. It's me. I'm glad I stayed an extra semester and got some classes in that I've been wanting to take and some that I think will help me student teaching next semester. I would liked to have gotten a little more out of one of them...but you'll have this. Both Dri and I made Dean's List this semester. She was just floored that she got an A in our Principles of Macroeconomics class. Sadly, I don't know what I got because I took it for Credit/No Record.

So, we have the month of May off before we have to start summer theatre. Last week we didn't really do a whole lot...just relaxed as much as we could. This coming week we're moving to a new apartment. It's just down the street from the one we were in last year...but it's a lot nicer. Pictures will get posted of the new place once we take some. The week after that, Dri gets her tattoo and pictures will get put up of that too. The last week of the month I have to be back at Clarion for rehearsals for the elementary school tour of "Schoolhouse Rock, Live!" we're doing and then the actual tour. Then rehearsals start for "High School Musical On Stage." "High School" is first this summer, followed by "Schoolhouse," and finally is "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." I'll get dates of performances up here shortly.

That's all for now. Watch for new posts and pictures soon. I promise I'll keep up with this more often.

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