Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am not an Eskimo...and this is not Alaska!

So last night...Dri and I went to bed as we normally do but I soon woke up a couple times between midnight and 3AM. When I woke up, I realized the heat was on but there was cold air blowing out the vents. I figured it was just at the end of the cycle since there's always a little cold air right before it shuts off. I also got to thinking that it must have just gotten a lot colder than they thought.

Well...I woke up around 3:30 or 4 and realized that there was a constant stream of cold air blowing out the vents. I quickly got up and got another blanket to put on the bed and turned up the heat. I
figured it might get warm that way. Well...I went to lay back down and Dri asked what was wrong and I told her and she made the point that since I turned the heat up it probably wouldn't shut off at all. Well, I went out to turn the heat back was 48 degrees inside our apartment! What the (insert your preferred exclamation here)!!!! I do not live in Alaska! It's just not cricket!

So I turned the heat completely off. I figured no cold air blowing was better than cold air blowing. Then I went back to bed but soon realized that if they came to fix it they might need the heat on. So I turned it back up even if I knew it would do no good. I then called our landlord to leave a message and let him know about the furnace. Well, as soon as I got off the phone with him, the furnace kicks on and is blowing hot air now. What the (insert your other preferred exclamation here)!!!! I don't know about this place sometimes. Things just kind of suck here sometimes. Again, I say...I am not an Eskimo and this is not Alaska!


obxfreak68 said...

So the stupid thing had to pick one of the coldest days of the year to go kerphlooey?
Bwahh! That sucks.
Hope it's hot air now!!

PianoMan2527 said...

Yeah, it did suck and yes, it is hot air now. :-)