Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just some ranting

So, I just had to rant about a couple things. I try and do this every now and then so I don't flip out on people. Normally, I like to rant face to face with people. Makes it easier I think...but since I have this blog now, I can use it.

Rant #1--Personal Music Players
Yes, I have my own personal music player. It makes it nice for walking to class and for car rides when there's nothing on the radio. A lot of people have them and I think they're a great idea. My only problem is when I can hear your music coming from your own CD player/iPod. I thought the whole point of these items was to spare those around from hearing your music. Now I understand that some people like to listen to their music loud. Occasionally I do as well. But we shouldn't be able to hear it from across the room. If you need it turned up that loud, you better start thinking about turning it down or you will go deaf. I know...I'm a music major and they warn us of these things. One more thing about personal music players, please don't sing along. If we don't want to hear your music, we certainly don't want to hear you sing it...badly. I'm not talking to everyone out there...just the people who can't sing to save their life. If you're friends with these people, please let them know. They need to know they can't sing.

Rant #2--Rude people on sidewalks
It's winter. There's snow piled on both sides of the sidewalk which makes it even smaller to walk on. You can comfortably fit two (2) people on most sidewalks. Now I understand you want to talk to your friend as you're walking to class, but if you see someone coming the other way...Get Out of the Way! It's not polite to make them walk in the snow just because you don't have the common sense and decency to take one step forward or back. Surely I was not the only one raised this way. Other people have to know this. It's simply the right thing to do. I'm beginning to think that the number of polite people in this world is dropping at an alarming rate. I must try to fix this when I'm a teacher and a parent. And for anyone reading this you can trust me, my children will be polite.

I think that's all for now. I like this whole idea of ranting on here. It's nice.

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