Thursday, February 12, 2009

Exciting Week So Far

So we've had a pretty exciting week so far. Dri was feeling sick all day Tuesday and thought she was just coming down with the flu. Well after being in pain all day and it only getting worse, I took her to the ER Tuesday night around 10:30.

After waiting there through tests and scans, the doctor came out around 1:30 AM and said that her appendix was inflamed and needed to be taken out. So I called Mary and told her and she started up (took her and hour and a half thanks to the fog). Around 3 AM, Dri was finally moved into her own room and Mary got here around 3:30. I dozed off and on until the nurses came in around 6 to get her vitals and everything and then the doctor finally came in around 6:15. He explained exactly what was going to happen and was very cordial and professional for it being so early.At 6:50, they took Dri to the OR but she didn't get in until 7:30 because they had to run a final test. The doctor called her room around 8:15 and figured we'd be worried since he told us it would only be and hour total. Everything went fine and she got back in her room around 9:20 after being in recovery for an hour. She was still out of it and told Mary and I that she wanted more anesthesia because she really liked it.
After spending the day in the hospital Wednesday, she was discharged and came home Wednesday night. She didn't get a lot of sleep that night and I was awake for a while, but we both slept some today. Hopefully, she'll start feeling better and will be able to sleep better tonight.


Nickie said...

Been there done that Dri!! Hope you are feeling better. At least you won't have a huge scar like me.

obxfreak68 said...

Hope you're feeling better, Dri.
Make sure my brother takes good care of you!! Love ya.

Jackie: said...

YIKES! I am glad she is alright. I hope she is feeling better soon!

PianoMan2527 said...

She's feeling much better...and yes my dear sister I did take good care of her.