Monday, May 18, 2009

Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium Trip

Audrina and I went to the zoo last Friday. We both agreed that it was kind of nice going without any children along. We were able to walk around without any strollers or wagons and to look at what we wanted to look at. The first time we walked around, we were in the middle of about 12 different schools there on field trips. Let me just say...there are some very rude children out there. Add to the fact that at least two of the schools had clipboards or papers that they had to fill out along the way.

It was a very nice day otherwise. We thought it was still cool enough that the animals would be out but there were still quite a few that were hiding. I haven't been to the zoo in four or five years and Dri said it was longer for her so we enjoyed ourselves. We had enough time in the day to actually walk around the entire zoo a second time. Luckily, there were no schools that time. There's no way I could upload all of the pictures we took, but here's a few of the better ones.

The baby elephants that were born last year.

A sea otter...just cause I like them.

Rocky, the Kodiak bear enjoying play time.

The penguins showing their Penguin pride.

Overall it was a great day and both Dri and I are looking forward to going back soon. Everyone should visit the Pittsburgh Zoo, it's a great zoo, very nice, and the animals are all great.


Jackie: said...

Everyone is going to the zoo. FUN!

TechieOnExpresso26 said...

Is it so much to ask that I get one pic I want on here? I really just want the tigers... :'-(

PianoMan2527 said...

I will get more pictures up and I will make sure they're of tigers.

TechieOnExpresso26 said...


TechieOnExpresso26 said...

still no tigers...